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About HN-NET

Our decision to operate as a Hosting and Internet services provider stem from our background as Minecraft Server operators in 2014.

  • Use IPv6 for your home or even for your business.
  • Hosting servers with IPv6 enabled network
  • Providing public IPv6 ready infrastructure for the future Internet

We now strive to provide hosting and internet services to individuals aspiring to operate their own services. Drawing from our own experiences, we aim to offer a platform for users to realize their dreams. As part of our commitment to improving service quality, we are adopting the IPv6 network in our infrastructure.

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Know more on our Autonomous System (AS)

To adopt us into us into your network or let us as your services provider, you can know more about us via "Route-Set", "AS-Set" and IRR database


Our On-going Projects

We love to operate community-based Internet projects to let peoples to join the Internet and the world of BGP.

IPv6 Global Transit 80%
IPv6 Allocation (Include ROA) 90%
BGP Tunnel 50%
Public Infrastructures 100%


We provides mutliple Internet Services based on IPv6 and joined various of "Good for Internet" projects by our own ASNs and IPv6 Prefixes.

RIPE Atlas Probe

We joined RIPE Atlas Probe program to providing infomations on the measure of Internet connectivity and reachability


We joined NLNOG Ring Network to helps network operators cooperate to help diagnose and fix network problems.

IPv6 Public DNS

We provide IPv6 Public DNS for recusive query the DNS mapping via IPv6, the server is powered by PowerDNS. Also, We provides AD-Block DNS, which powered by PI-Hole.


We provide IPv6-based NTP services for sync and align the time over the world by obtaining time sources from different regions around the world.

IPv6 Transit

We provide IPv6 Transit over IX which for free to all personal and non-commercial networks.

Virtual IXP

We operate Hyper Group Internet Exchange, which is a Virtual IXP to provide a place for BGP players to learn BGP and exchange routes.

IPv6 Prefix Allocation

We provide IPv6 prefixes (/48) for free to all personal and non-commercial networks. (ROA can request if needed)

BGP/Non-BGP Tunnel

We provide BGP and Non-BGP GRE Tunnels for everyone who needs it. (You can apply for BGP tunnel if you own your IPv6 prefixes)

Hyper Group vInternet Exchange

HNIX is a virtual IXP which provides research and testing for all network enthusiasts. We also provide transit via AS216324 to all members who joined the vIXP.

Networking and Technical Team

Anson Tsang (tch)

Network Design and Operation

Anson in-charge for the overall network design and operation for AS216324, AS215617, our Internal Network

Jia Jun

IP Allocation and Management

Jia Jun in-charge for the IP allocation and support for the services ASN - AS215729

Ivan Cheung

Cloud and Infra Management

Ivan Cheung in-charge for all PoP, PoX underlay OS and hardware/software deployment.

Anson Tsang (tkw)

Peering and IX Mgnt

Anson (tkw) in-charge for all IX HN-NET joined and all peers relationship between HN-NET via IX, tunnel, or PNI.

Shui Chuan (Alex)

Network Operation Center

Alex in-charge for all NOC related tasks and support for the new PoP/PoX/NxP discussion with external vendors.


Contact out technical or customer support team when you have any concerns regarding our network, infrastructure, or services.

NOC Call:

+852 67395613

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