We are a community-based network service and hosting operator, offering a range of internet services to support networking enthusiasts and those interested in BGP, and hosting services.

Our decision to operate as a free hosting provider stem from our background as Minecraft Server operators in 2014. With the support of our community members, we successfully built MC servers, websites, and IRC systems. Although we discontinued our Minecraft Servers in 2020, we now strive to provide free hosting services to individuals aspiring to operate their own Minecraft Server, website, or Discord bots. Drawing from our own experiences, we aim to offer a platform for users to realize their dreams. As part of our commitment to improving service quality, we are adopting the IPv6 network in our infrastructure.

We provides IP Transit via IX and tunnel, Virtual Private Server (VPS), IPv6 IP lease, panelized hosting services, internet services (public DNS, NTP, etc.), and more. You may refer to our website to get more detail on our provided services.

Project information

  • Founded: 2023
  • Engineers/Supports: 6
  • Connected Zone: 8
  • Uptime: 95%

Points of Presence

We have multiple points of presence around the globe. Our POPs are located in the following: United Stated, United Kingdom, Singapore, Taiwan, Germany, Canada, Switzerland, and more.


We peer with many networks spans across multiple continents around the globe. We have a strict peering policy, and only peer with networks that are able to meet our requirements. If you would like to peer with us, please contact us.

We peer with the following noteworthy networks: Cloudflare, Google, Akamai, Packet Clearing House, Hurricane Electric, Linode and lots of route servers.